Evidence Based Medicine

Independent Spine Evaluation

The concepts of Evidence Based Medicine have been the cornerstone of Dr. Dillin’s education during his spine surgery fellowship in Neurosurgery and Orthopaedic Surgery and the format for decision making in his subsequent practice.

The critical analytic features inherent in the ‘best evidence’ approach to patients have permeated his writing and his lectures, allowing flexible adaptation as the science has changed. The combination of logical clinical analysis based on these principles, and twenty seven years of experience exclusively devoted to spine surgery and spine related problems, allows specialty focus on any Independent Medical Evaluations or Medical-Legal Reviews.

Independent Spine Evaluation was formed in 2004 to concentrate on spine information analysis. To preserve the integrity of the process and independence, Dr. Dillin does not offer individuals evaluated under the umbrella of Independent Spine Evaluation, Inc. doctor-patient medical services.

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